WORCS (Warehouse Operations Real-time Control System) uses radio frequency technology to provide real-time inventory management.

This provides accurate receiving, picking and shipping to help improve order accuracy and reduce stock-outs.

Online Processing


Our online order processing system allows customers to scan items or bar-coded labels to help eliminate manual entry. The order can be reviewed and adjusted online. The website provides product images, identifies new items and highlights product promotions and deals. Once the order has been picked, the Wallace & Carey invoice can be transmitted to the website and downloaded to the customer's back office system.

Online Information

Customers and suppliers can access sales and purchasing data online. This data can be downloaded in standard Microsoft Excel files.

Technology Partners

We utilize a completely integrated and real-time software environment that provides all the functionality to manage distribution centres, including: purchasing with forecasting, warehouse management with RF, inbound and outbound control, order processing, routing, billing, retail pricing, merchandising, drop shipments, EDI, POS support, and profitability analysis and online reporting. Functionality can be extended to retailers with real-time RF order entry with forecasting, DSD functionality, and store inventory management.